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Breaking Ground on Kusoma’s Community Library

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Sangai and Philip looking at plans

Great news everyone! It gives us tremendous pleasure to announce the ground breaking of Kusoma’s community library located in the Kuria District, Kenya. Construction has finally begun on the foundation and infrastructure needed to take us through Phase I of the building.

We are planning to make the library a center for education as well as a community gathering place. The Kuria Community Library and Learning Center will work to increase literacy, provide access to information, and develop a culture of reading in the area. Fencing and excavation for the foundation will soon be completed on the Kusoma land (some of which was donated by NURU, a partner organization located nearby).

Many of the Mohochi Scholars have assisted in the early construction work and are encouraged to see the library project grow. “The students who live nearby are eager to use the library.  It will also be a welcome addition to the growing NURU facilities,” says Sangai Mohochi, Kusoma founder and Kuria Committee chairman. The library will house many books for children and adults in Swahili and English. The facility will also offer classes in literacy, health, education, and basic computer skills. Our expected completion date for the construction phase is October 2013.

More photos:

Mohochi scholars installing a fence