Mohochi Scholar’s Workshop to be Sponsored by Projects for Peace


We are pleased to announce that the Summer 2011 Mohochi Scholar’s Workshop will be sponsored by the Davis Projects for Peace Foundation, in joint delegation with the University of San Diego, California International House and respective representatives Enzo Haussecker and Sarah Sypris. During the course of the full week, participating students will be afforded the opportunity to gain strategic and thoughtful insight through a variety of mediums into the value of education, health, wildlife conservation, cultural history, international analysis, with particular focus on Kenya and the United States, and other varied subjects all under the thematic umbrella of ethnic interconnectivity. Exposure to target topics will be conducted through presentations, guest lectures, group endeavors, and community excursions which will reinforce the ambition of participant commitment to community service locally, nationally, and internationally, while strengthening friendships and cultivating individual qualities for continued growth and success.

Proposal: Defusing Ethnic Tensions in the Kuria District

Kusoma - LMEF

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