Report: Sangai Arrives in Kenya

sangaiSangai Mohochi has arrived in Kenya and sent this message as an update:

Our trip back home was quite eventful. It was very very tiring, especially because of the twins and the luggage. One of our bags was left behind in Minneapolis but luckily it was reunited with us in Nairobi 3 days after our arrival with everything intact.

I am now preparing a major job hunting operation. There are a couple of leads in neighboring countries, however, I still prefer remaining in Kenya for the sake of Kusoma - LMEF and my other interests at home. Besides, after 5 years in the US, I would have loved to be at home.

I now have a broadband modem, and I hope to be able to check my emails everyday most of the time. However, I warn you that they will be very short due to cost constraints - I will have to learn how to be brief and to the point.

I already miss all of you, but I am sure we shall be able to move on smoothly.

Thank you,


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